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About Our Hospitality Operations and Development Company

FCM has been operating and developing hotels for over 30 years

Established in 1989, FCM Hotels is located in Rocky Mount, NC, and currently operates successful hotels and resorts throughout North Carolina and the Southeast. We have been recognized by Hotel Business Magazine, a national monthly hospitality industry publication, as one of the nation’s premier hotel management firms with a proven record of success.

At FCM Hotels, we believe in working to establish a close partnership with all of our hotel management clients—from our hotel owners to investors, associates, brand partners, employees, and guests. In over 30 years of operation, we have learned how to deliver superior results consistently by working to serve the needs of hotel guests, employees, and owners in a balanced way.

We recognize that our guests want a quality product and service, employees want rewarding careers, and our owners and investors want a solid return on their investment. We rely on our experience and our vision to serve all of these aspirations effectively, and the triangle appears in our logo as a visual representation of our commitment to all of our clients.

The FCM Hotels Philosophy:

Success Through Understanding All Facets of Hotel Management

FCM Hotels


Integrity • Teamwork • Discipline • Passion • Respect • Accountability


We believe in placing ourselves in the middle of the triangle to ensure the long-term balance between our guests, our associates, and our owners. Our guests want quality product and service; our associates want rewarding careers; and our investors want a solid return on their investment


Our Mission is to provide outstanding financial and quality results through hiring the best people, providing each individual with the best tools and training, and cultivating a positive work culture for our teams

Our Hotel and Hospitality-Industry Expertise

We believe our decades of achievement have been founded upon our expert turnkey service offerings and extensive knowledge. We are proud to work with top hotel brands and ownership groups in highly-competitive markets, delivering significant expertise in:

Hotel Operations

Focusing on service, quality, and complete guest experience.

Hotel Sales And Marketing

Developing measurable, effective custom marketing strategies

Accounting And Finance

Timely & accurate in-house budgeting, analysis, & reporting

Hotel Development

Ground-up development, acquisition, turnaround, & divestiture

Purchasing and Capital Renovation

Reviewing vendors & costs, analyzing ROI for capital projects

Insurance, Taxes, Payroll and HR

Ensuring our properties & employees are protected & compensated

Hospitality marketing is key to successful hotels and attracting repeat guests.

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