Insurance, Taxes, Payroll, and Human Resources

Ensuring our properties & employees are protected & compensated

FCM Hotels is proud to provide highly experienced insurance, tax assistance, human resources, payroll, and benefits management services for all of our properties and employees. Our in-house staff of expert accountants, Human Resources specialists, and insurance management professionals specialize in delivering rigorous accuracy in all facets of these crucial disciplines. We emphasize attention to detail in insurance, tax, Human Resources, payroll, and benefits management to ensure all of our employees and properties are protected and compensated, promoting peace of mind throughout our organization.

Insurance Services:

We obtain all insurance for our hotels and our clients, including general liability, property, crime, auto, liquor, umbrella, EPL, and workers compensation insurance.

Tax Services:

We process all tax payments related to hotel operations. Taxes are accrued monthly and set aside in a reserve fund to ensure the necessary cash is available when taxes are due.

Payroll, Human Resources, and Benefits Management Services:


Hotel and resort staff payrolls are processed on a bi-weekly basis by the professionals at FCM Hotels. We recognize that our employees expect the utmost reliability from our organization—just as we expect dependability from our employees—so our payroll management staff strives to get it right the first time, every time.

Human Resources and Benefits:

FCM Hotels offers in-house Human Resources management services for each of our properties and employees, aiming to maximize performance in all staffing, training, development, and motivational practices. For all staff, we offer competitive pay rates, regular employee reviews, vacation, sick pay, health insurance, a 401k plan, and all state and federally mandated benefits. We also offer a hotel performance incentive program for management, rewarding the success which stems from hard work and attention to detail.

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