Hotel and F&B Operations

Focusing on service, quality, and complete guest experience

Hotel and F&B Operations Management

FCM Hotels was built on the principle to HIRE the BEST, TRAIN the BEST and TREAT the BEST.

Properly operating a hotel requires a thorough understanding of all facets of the business, from employees to management, associates, investors and owners. Our hotel operations management process starts with a focus on personalized service, exceptional product quality, and unmatched guest satisfaction, resulting in custom-tailored operational strategies that deliver success through a hands-on, “ground-up” approach. This has resulted in one of the highest customer repeat rates in the industry.

Our belief is that the battle is won or lost when the hotel operator’s service strategy, product, and staff meet the guests face to face. We understand that each hotel and asset is different, so we apply our extensive field experience and our broad market knowledge to maximize performance regardless of your hotel’s size, location, amenities, and other factors.

Our Hotel Operations Practices

FCM Hotels begins by staffing hotels with strong leaders who understand our unique management culture and who bring proven track records to their role. Then, we take care to support our leaders by providing a detailed revenue-management process and state-of-the-art financial support systems.

Ensuring all hotel systems comply with the practices and procedures of franchisors is a key component of our approach, and we specialize in providing in-depth analyses of performance to keep owners, investors, and managers informed. This enables us to modify our strategies to generate the best mix of business possible while retaining the highest Average Daily Rate.

For management and employees, we offer comprehensive compensation programs and bonus programs as well as a strong emphasis on brand training to promote our top-level standards for quality and consistency. Fostering cohesion, pride, and a focus on growth and development among our hotel staff is a crucial part of our approach to continued, sustainable success.

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