Hotel Development

Our hotel development company has a proven track record of success

Hotel Development from Inception to Opening

At FCM Hotels, we deliver turnkey hotel development from inception to opening, and 60% of our hotels have been developed completely from the ground up. Our extensive hotel development experience includes working with various architects, engineers, and builders to design and build the best hotels in the perfect locations to maximize our customer’s return on investment.

We are fully capable of developing operational and construction budgets, break-even analysis, and stabilization budgets, and we have strong, longstanding relationships with several banks, enabling us to arrange your ideal financing package. Throughout the construction process, we use careful planning, rigorous oversight, and intensive construction cost analysis to keep the project within budget.

Hotel Acquisition and Brand Conversion

If you are seeking to acquire an existing hotel or resort property, FCM Hotels can help with a thorough evaluation of its past, current, and potential future financial performance. Evaluating the hotel’s market, we will determine any necessary changes which may need to be made to ensure it performs to its greatest potential. We then determine the value of the hotel property as it relates to your value for investment dollar, and we work to get you the best-negotiated price should you decide to pursue the purchase.

If your existing hotel or a hotel you are hoping to purchase is in need of a franchise conversion, our experience, knowledge, and effective market analysis will help determine which franchise is the best fit for the facility, location, and your goals. If a different franchise is selected, we turn to complete the conversion in a timely and efficient manner so you can start generating revenue as soon as possible.

Effective Hotel Turnaround and Divestiture Services

At FCM Hotels, we specialize in identifying weaknesses and inefficiencies which are causing your hotel to underperform, and we rely on our extensive experience to generate an action plan to implement appropriate solutions. Our hotel turnaround action plans generally consist of the following:

Sales, Marketing, and Pricing Strategy:

Starting with a review of the hotel’s resource allocation to sales and marketing, we analyze all of the hotel’s marketing tools and procedures. If the hotel is underperforming when compared with competitive hotels, we will prepare and implement a new detailed custom marketing plan to help ensure it is getting its fair market share.

Operational and Expense Management:

We review all aspects of the hotel’s operations including operating expenses, budget, cash-flow performance, purchasing, and personnel to identify excessive and deficient expenses. After identifying areas of excessive spending and insufficient funding, we help you consolidate expenses and correct operational deficiencies to turn things around.

Customer Service:

Looking at the property from the eyes of hotel guests, we evaluate all aspects of the existing customer service. Because high-quality, professional customer service is crucial to ensuring guests come back, we impose accountability measures to encourage all employees to perform to the best of their abilities.

Hotel Divestiture:

We recognize things change. From the investor’s needs to the market, the franchise, or the hotel itself. If the time comes to divest yourself of your hotel property, we will call on our bankers, brokers, and hotel-industry contacts to help you complete this process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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