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About Our Hotel and Hospitality Services

For over 30 years, FCM Hotels has built a stellar reputation in our industry for delivering enhanced profits, increased value, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to provide multi-faceted, turnkey services, each designed to yield our clients’ unique desired results and produce profitable, inviting hotel and resort properties.



Hotel operations and best practices make for successful hotels and happy guests.

Hotel Operations

Focusing on service, quality, and complete guest experience.

Hospitality marketing is key to successful hotels and attracting repeat guests.

Hotel Sales & Marketing

Developing measurable, effective custom marketing strategies

FCM Hotels Expertise

Accounting & Finance

Timely & Accurate in-house budgeting, analysis, & reporting

FCM Hotels Expertise: Hotel Development photo

Hotel Development

Ground-up development, acquisition, turnaround, & divestiture

Hospitality development company based in North Carolina.

Purchasing and Capital Renovation

Reviewing vendors & costs, analyzing ROI for capital projects

Hospitality operations company based in North Carolina.

Insurance, Taxes, Payroll & HR

Ensuring our properties & employees are protected & compensated

Hospitality marketing is key to successful hotels and attracting repeat guests.

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