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FCM Hotels is proud to offer transparent, in-house hospitality accounting services for all of our partners.

Hospitality Accounting and Financial Services

FCM Hotels professional, in-house accounting staff has extensive experience and enables us to provide complete accounting services for all of our managed hotels and hotel owner clients. Our team is committed to providing a timely and accurate approach to hospitality accounting services by leveraging cutting-edge solutions that ensure accuracy. We take pride in our transparent approach on budgeting, forecasting, financial statement reporting and other accounting-based services.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting: Based on our decades of experience in the hospitality and hotel industries, we generate budgets using proven hotel-industry performance formulas to determine sales and expense figures accurately. We also use formulas that integrate room occupancy figures to calculate variable expenses.

Capital Budgeting: As part of the annual budgeting process, we develop capital expense budgets to determine specific capital needs for hotel operations and management. One-year and long-term capital budget plans are also compiled as part of this process.

Capital Reserve Planning: At FCM Hotels, we recommend that all of our clients establish a capital reserve fund by setting aside money each month for future capital needs.

Cash-Flow Analysis: In preparing annual cash-flow projections, which also show cash flow on a monthly basis, we also analyze cash available for debt service, reserve funding, capital expenses, and balance sheet changes. Our cash-flow projections are updated on a monthly basis as actual performance figures become available, and this enables us to adjust our projections as the fiscal year progresses.

Budget Modeling, Forecasting, and “What-if” Scenarios: To help you plan for future contingencies, we use budget modeling procedures to produce “what-if” scenario analyses based on occupancy and average daily rate adjustments.

Financial Statement Reporting

Monthly and Year-to-Date Revenue Reporting: Tracking your hotel’s revenue is a key part of understanding its performance. We generate weekly sales reports which compare sales, occupancy, and average daily rate figures to your goals and to last year’s figures on a weekly, monthly, and year-to-date basis. We also provide you with interim monthly performance reports once each month is completed.

Trend Reports: Our trend reports show current, budgeted, and historical trend data for each hotel property, and they can be custom-tailored to meet any of your specific reporting needs.

      These trend reports provide figures for:

    • Occupancy

    • Average Daily Rate

    • Room Sales

    • Food and Beverage Sales

    • Total Sales

    • Revenue per Available Room

    • Gross Rooms Department Income

    • Net Operating Income

    • Cash Available for Debt Service

Financial Statements: We prepare monthly financial statements showing current, budgeted, and last year’s monthly and year-to-date performance. Our financial reports are divided into four major sections: a balance sheet, a hotel statistics report, summaries of profit and loss by department, and a detailed profit and loss statement by the department.

Updated monthly cash-flow analysis and trend reports are also included with our financial statements, and we also provide any statements which may be required by bankers and other associated parties.

Strong Financial Controls: All of our financial statements are reviewed thoroughly by our accounting staff and by each member of our operations and accounting management staff to ensure precision and accuracy.

Annual CPA-Reviewed Financial Statements: We utilize an independent CPA firm to prepare annual tax returns for each of our hotels as well as a Reviewed Financial Statement Report for distribution to any necessary party.

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Hotel Accounting and Financial Services

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