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Developing measurable, effective custom marketing strategies

Hospitality Marketing Services

In today’s hospitality industry environment, guests’ expectations and competition levels are continually increasing, so the need for a strong sales and marketing campaign has never been more crucial. At FCM Hotels, we have a proven track record of success, and RevPar indexes for our hotel portfolio consistently perform well above the competition with superior hotel sales, marketing, and revenue management.

Our experienced sales team at FCM Hotels works closely with each hotel and resort property to develop detailed, customized marketing strategies which are measurable and effective. We believe that the most effective sales efforts are consistent, cohesive, and reinforced across all levels of the hotel organization. Our philosophy is that every person sells: from sales directors to guest service personnel, housekeeping, maintenance staff, and others.

Our Hotel Sales and Marketing Practices

We begin with strategic planning based on market analyses and data from several industry business intelligence sources. We take an extensive set of factors into consideration, including market changes, occupancy trends, changes to occupancy drivers, and more. Our approach is to gather and analyze as much data as possible from diverse sources to generate effective annual marketing plans which include:

    • Market Analyses

    • Competitive Analyses

    • Product and Site Analyses

    • Product Comparisons

    • Rate Comparisons

    • Key Demand Generators

    • Event and Activity Plans

    • Action Plans

    • Social Media

We stay ahead of changes in the market through quarterly market-plan reviews, which enable us to adjust our marketing and sales strategies for maximum impact. We also measure each hotel’s effectiveness on a monthly basis using reports generated from several systems, including STAR, RevPar, and others. We expect all of our hotels to exceed their budgeted RevPar goals and increase their market share each year for continued growth and profitability.

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Hospitality marketing is key to successful hotels and attracting repeat guests.

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